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A Fresh Start, Part 3

Nate and I continued to play with furniture placement in the family room while I researched televisions. We moved the sofa along the long wall that had once housed the green faux-antique armoire. I liked it there, flanked with the … Continue reading

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The Things We do For Love

The other day I was driving home and saw a man in the middle of the street. It wasn’t a lazy, neighborhood street, but a congested four-lane arterial. He was cutting across mid-way between intersections, weaving through traffic. It was … Continue reading

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The Art of Asking

Welcome to another Tuesday with TED. Today we have musician Amanda Palmer who talks about “The Art of Asking.” Amanda examines the evolving relationship between artist and fan. I’ve seen this one several times and I still think it’s brilliant. How … Continue reading

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Fallow Fields

I haven’t written anything for several weeks. Why? I’m not sure. Why do any of us lose momentum and stop doing something that we love, something we know in our heart of hearts is as essential as air? Perhaps one … Continue reading

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