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My grandfathers both used typewriters. It was a big part of who they were. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved old typewriters. Or maybe it’s just one of those preferences you can’t really explain, like why I prefer chocolate over strawberry ice cream (which my dad and daughter both love!).

Whatever the case, this is the place to learn about Cynthia J. Patton, award-winning author, speaker, attorney, and autism advocate. I’m also the mother of a smart, stubborn, beautiful, somewhat verbal autistic daughter. It probably goes without saying that I’m juggling a ton of stuff—like every working mother—and doing my best to write in the midst of life’s chaos. This website will celebrate that struggle for balance and the crazy twists and turns life can take. So check back often. We’re going to have fun.




A Question of Settling

In Summer 2015, when my brother Tom got engaged, I joked he was moving fast. His long-winded divorce had ended just two weeks earlier. “We’ve dated one-and-a-half years,” he said. “And this time, neither of us are settling.” At the … Continue reading

The Waiting is (Almost) Over–An Update

I am tremendously happy to share that next week my daughter will begin attending the fabulous Open Mind School (OMS). This innovative private school, located in Redwood Shores, uses technology and rapid prompting method (RPM) to teach children with various … Continue reading

Women and Power

As I’ve watched the 2016 presidential campaign unfolding, I’ve been struck by several things, but first and foremost, how gender bias still exists—in the media, in politics, in many of us. I find myself constantly surprised—and then not—to see, for … Continue reading

The Upside of Puberty

This fall, my daughter and I are entering new territory. After a year or so of nonstop growth, Katie is 5’1″ (or was in August when I last measured her. By now, she’s probably even taller.) She has outgrown girl’s … Continue reading

The Waiting Is (Almost) Over

Last Friday turned out to be a RED LETTER DAY in my crazy, unplanned life. First, my poetry collection, Across An Aqueous Moon: Travels in Autism, was finalized and sent to the printer. It should be ready to ship in … Continue reading

A Trip to the Park

I wrote awhile back about the downside of Facebook, and how sometimes—not always, just sometimes—I get sad when I think of all the things I probably will never be able to post about. Then my unplanned life zigs when I … Continue reading

Final Galleys Are Here!

The final galleys for Across An Aqueous Moon: Travels in Autism have arrived!! For those of you that don’t know, galleys are the publisher’s layout of a forthcoming book. It’s kind of like the publishing version of a draft. About six weeks … Continue reading


We are in limbo. Everything is on hold as we wait to see what happens with my daughter’s placement. School started in our district on Monday, August 22nd, and the following week, on August 29th, at Open Mind School (OMS). … Continue reading

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