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My grandfathers both used typewriters. It was a big part of who they were. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved old typewriters. Or maybe it’s just one of those preferences you can’t really explain, like why I prefer chocolate over strawberry ice cream (which my dad and daughter both love!).

Whatever the case, this is the place to learn about Cynthia J. Patton, award-winning author, speaker, attorney, and autism advocate. I’m also the mother of a smart, stubborn, beautiful, somewhat verbal autistic daughter. It probably goes without saying that I’m juggling a ton of stuff—like every working mother—and doing my best to write in the midst of life’s chaos. This website will celebrate that struggle for balance and the crazy twists and turns life can take. So check back often. We’re going to have fun.




Hope Is a Funny Thing

Hope is a funny thing. Just when you think it’s gone, you find it in the most unlikely place. I’ll give you an example. Back on Election Day 2016, I squeezed into a white pantsuit. Normally I vote with an … Continue reading

An Ode to Johnny

Last June I wrote several posts about death. (You can read them here: Death Comes in Threes (Or More), Staring Into the Abyss, and Saying Goodbye.) In short, a friend’s husband died of cancer as did a fellow autism mom. … Continue reading

Dating … Again

I’m dating again. This isn’t a place I expected to find myself after my marriage to Michael 1.0 in 1994, but it comes with the territory following a divorce. I get that. I’ve had my share of mid-life dating adventures … Continue reading

An Uncertain 2017

It’s been a grueling two months. First there was the election and it’s aftermath. An acquaintance called it similar to a pandemic: sudden, shocking, and widespread. It’s the best description I’ve heard so far, although I’d prefer an element of … Continue reading

Tomorrow I’m Reading at the Valona Deli Poetry Series

Tomorrow I, along with Kirston Koths, will be featured at the Valona Deli Poetry Series. I’ll be reading from my debut poetry collection, Across An Aqueous Moon: Travels in Autism.  The event takes place from 3 to 5 p.m. in funky … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! How in the heck did that happen? Wishing you a peaceful, prosperous, gratitude-filled year. I’ll see you in a week with more of my Unplanned Life….

Happy Holidays!

Katie and I wish everyone a peaceful and relaxing holiday season. I’ll be back in three weeks with more of my Unplanned Life….

Hope Blooms

It’s hard to have hope after the most qualified woman—technically the most qualified person, male or female, in decades—loses an election to a compulsive liar without an ounce of relevant governmental experience. But something about the fear and the shock, … Continue reading

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