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Me and Katie, Summer 2012.

Yosemite National Park, June 1966. This is one of my earliest memories. My two-year-old brain was screaming: Freaking AWESOME!!


Mont Blanc, France, September 2003. It was my 9th wedding anniversary. I had no clue what was right around the corner.

My beautiful daughter on the day she was born.

Max, my latest cat. Katie says he is very "fluffly."

Katie, May 2005.

Katie and her "brothers," August 2005.

This is Bern, Switzerland. My mother's parents were both born and raised near here. This place is permanently encoded on my DNA. Whenever I go there, it feels like home.


Delta, my current dog. She's the craziest Husky I've ever owned. She's also the reason pet microchips were invented.



Katie riding at Hoofprints on the Heart Adaptive Riding Center, Fall 2009. Katie said her first two words on a Hoofprints horse. She's ridden for so long that she no longer bothers to use her hands to hold on.




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