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Farewell to Hoofprints on the Heart

Those that know my daughter Katie’s story know that Katie said her first words when she was two years and eight months. After more than six months of intensive speech therapy, the breakthrough finally came the first time she rode … Continue reading

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Making a Fuss About Jenny McCarthy–For All the Wrong Reasons

As you may or may not know, Jenny McCarthy will be replacing Joy Behar on the daytime talk show “The View.” This doesn’t sound like big news to me, but the internet has been ablaze with folks screaming about how … Continue reading

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The Feel of Summer, Part 2

Besides her significant speech delay, sensory issues remain Katie’s greatest challenge. Furthermore, the two issues are intertwined. In addition to autism, Katie probably has what is called speech apraxia. Her brain has difficulty coordinating the 250 moving parts that are … Continue reading

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The Feel of Summer, Part 1

Like one child in eighty-eight, my daughter has autism. While many people do not fully understand autism, awareness has improved. What really confuse people are problems with sensory integration, also known as sensory processing disorder or sensory dysfunction. Sensory integration … Continue reading

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Guest Post at The 40+ Woman

I was asked to do a guest post over at Michelle Murphy Zive’s new website, The 40+ Woman. Here’s the first installment of the two-part story: An Unplanned Life, Part 1. I’m thrilled to be helping start her new community of amazing … Continue reading

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The Birth of an Unplanned Life

Back in high school I’d curl up and read John Muir. I wanted to be like him, but with better food and a tent. I wanted to tramp in the wilderness and call it a job. I wanted to speak … Continue reading

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